My name is Bart De Keyzer. As a graphic designer and illustrator the world is one big playground. Everywhere around us on billboards, signage; every product, book, magazine… that passes through our hands contains at least a logo or icon that has been designed at some point. Design is a language that should be clear to the relevant target audience.

Just by itself or combined with illustration and/or photography it is capable of communicating complex messages, stories and thoughts. Not just to sell products but it can also help us find our way around the subway or show us which team has made that last goal.
Here’s what we have to offer you and your business...




Graphic design is the most elaborate discipline we are active in. Logos, branding, packaging, brochures, posters, web design… just about anything from concept to production. Our goal is to combine form and function in a perfect mix with concept and content helping you and your business to leave it’s mark on an ever more competitive market.



Just by them selves or as part of a design, illustration comes in many forms. Depending on the required needs different techniques can be applied or even combined. Both traditional and digital methods in 2- and 3D. If needed most of these techniques can be applied in animation as well. This way, just about any form of media could be covered.



In the end, non of this can be put to any use without the proper pre-production. Depending on the relevant medium files need to undergo specific treatments in order to achieve the intended result. Since it are the results that count after all, we pay a lot of attention to detail when it comes to preparing files for print, web or video.


So, now you've seen what we have in store and you might be thinking,
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